A downloadable game

-Unfortunately I can't get the html version to work so it's downloadable for now. I'll try and get that fixed pronto. Also something is wrong with the trait reveal screen so it's showing some wrong numbers.-

A buggy and unfinished version of my Ludum Dare entry! The theme was "one room" so I made mine with the starting idea of a kitchen. It's aggressively cutesy, so prepare yourself, if you don't think too hard about it being basically frankenstein's escort service. The main aim is to learn the effects of every spice. Ideally the mechanic for that should be more complex, and there should be more requests for you to work it out in time.

I of course instead of fixing the bugs made the cauldron smoke change colour according to the selected spices and added sprites for the creations that have hair, eye and skin colour that depends on their "ingredients".

The game was entirely made by me including all the assets, although I wish some of them weren't!

I'll write a better, less self deprecating description and maybe do some bug fixes tomorrow. For now, enjoy the bugginess!


Standalone.zip 44 MB